Tremendous Fury

by Zoÿ Archa                                   Release date : 08/20/2013               Duration : 25:59                                 Tracks number : 3

« Tremendous Fury” – more than another release of ZOY ARCHA, who creates an overhelming fusion of industrial, drone and noise! Monomental and minialistic are the keywords of the 3-track release “Tremendous Fury” of ZOY ARCHA. If you like intensive dark ambient or noise ambient, you must taste “Tremendous Fury” of ZOY ARCHA! »
from kulturterrorismus

« Interesting ambient/dark ambient album made by Zoÿ Archa and released by Textural Records. After listening it more than 2 times, I find that this album is more than interesting, because it sounds richer than the usual monotonal and minimal dark ambient albums we can hear on netaudio world. »
From yamanotedreams

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