by Data Snow                                        Release date : 11/01/2013               Duration : 42:56                                         Tracks number : 9

I admit, I have been waiting for this. Thanks to the patience of the label’s owner / promoter who found this blog and had a) the friendlyness to contact me and b) to patience and endurance of informing me about new releases until I finally come around to review one. And this one really deserves it, from the first few frequencies that streaming out of my headphones. 😉 is quite a prolific netlabel with quite a constant flow of releases, mainly release stuff from the darker side of ambient. Fairly minimal, they kind of through out the releas out into the web with hardly any further information and that’s it. The pure sonic experience.
« Small minimal sonic textures made with layers of blurred noises and frequencies. » That’s everything we get for this one and … essentially it’s very true. What it does not mention is that there are quite a few things going on in here. You are taken by a sonic storm, sucked into some dense and misty sonic textures, but once the sonic mist lightens up ab bit you can watch sounds develop and disappear again. There is a floating stream of sounds to watch, to dive into and to explore a world made of clouds. There is quite a lot going on, what kind of stories are you touching, what scenes are passing by? It is a world to positively loose yourself into, and after some short 40 minutes don’t be surprised in case it does take some time to re-adjust to good old mother reality. 😉
Oh, and once again: Headphones highly recommended!

The download is « Name your price », and please do spare a reasonable amount of your local currency to support your very indy artist! Just as you are able to.

I suspect they still draw from old connections, as some information harvesting shows that textural-rec is quite obviously a spin-off from the french label « 17 son records », which is now defunct. But their releases appear to be still up, and if you are into the more experimental side of electronica, glitch, noise, minimal, idm, electropunk (I love that word!) and all the likes you might find lots of goodies.

by Tobias sunday 11/03/2013
from bitrateMag

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